The tech and tools that I use


I like to change things a lot and as a result, this page will probably be inaccurate at the time of you reading this. But here is what I'm using:

Editor & Terminal

Desktop Apps

  • Browser of choice still is Google Chrome and occasionally Firefox Dev.
  • Discord and Slack are the primary chat applications I use to interact with different communities.
  • For notetaking and to-do lists I use Trello, I really love the Kanban board style of it.
  • BackBlaze provides offsite backups to my entire PC just in case.
  • Adobe Lightroom for photo editing, and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

Browser Extensions


  • Hosting for everything I have is done on Linode because its cheap and reliable
  • Image support provided by Cloudinary
  • CDN and DNS for my websites comes from Cloudflare
  • All websites use Namecheap for their registration


  • 2020 13» Macbook Pro with 8GB of RAM
  • Anker MBP Hub
  • BenQ EW3270U 32» 4K HDR monitor
  • Keychron k8 mechanical keyboard with cherry blue switches. I'm not happy with the product though…
  • Logitech G502 mouse
  • Ifi Zen DAC for when using headphones for listening. Audeze LCD-X are my usual cans of choice in my office, although I have a pair of Drop + HiFiman HE4xx that I also use occasionally.
  • When I want to use my speakers I've got a Fiio K5 Pro that I then use with my M-Audio BX4, although there are plans to replace those monitors in the near future…
  • Yeti mic — what more need said LOL
  • cheapo amazon basics USB switch to switch from PC to PC

Gaming Rig

  • Asus X570 ProArt creator Wifi
  • AMD 5900X
  • G-skill TridentZ RGB 32gb x2 DDR4 3600 RAM
  • Samsung 980 Pro 1TB
  • Samsung 970 evo+ 1TB
  • EVGA GTX670 (to be upgraded one I can get an RTX3080 or AMD 6900XT)
  • keyboard, mouse, and monitor are shared with the mac from above
  • custom water-cooling loops

This page was inspired by Wes Bos and many others who also basically copied his template. I'm not original, cut me some slack.

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