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Whoops! I Broke it!

Published: 10/28/2019 | Time To Read:2mins

What did I break? Well that's easy, everything dynamic! Recently the backend service that I use (in this case StrapiJS) recently had a pretty decent update to the provider that I use for image hosting, Cloudinary.

What they did was move the public_id field that I've been using for each image to a metadata field so that they can have provider-independent configurations and storage methods. Which I love the idea of, makes sense from their standpoint.

The issue though is that they didn't have any sort of deprecation path to be able to move content slowly but just did it entirely, leaving me with many broken pages. I've corrected this in code that's now pushed live, but the issue is all the database content that hasn't been updated.

The result, of course, has been that many pages will come up with errors. You can safely ignore them but it leaves a lot of broken content for now.

What am I doing to fix it?

To rectify the situation I've got to manually go into the database and migrate this data over to the new format. If it was as easy as renaming a field it'd be easy breezy and done already, but it's not. It involves some JSON as well so I've found it best to just do it by hand. Besides its only 357 images… yes I've counted haha.

So with that, if you find a page broken, feel free to complain but I'm aware and working on it!

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