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Where Have I Been?

Published: 03/26/2020 | Time To Read:4mins

Maybe you've noticied. maybe you haven't but there has been a distinct lack of me around here for a while now. Why? Well, I can make up a bunch of excuses but the sad reality is I lost my mojo for the site. Working on the authentication has been a real challenge and has, for the most part, defeated me and made me question how I want to go about this if at all. I think the problem merely has been a case of I'm not sure how to do it right, securely and it's frustrating me. Things aren't consistent with it and simple page refreshes can break a lot of things. Server-side versus client-side as well, I think I've finally got the solution and a page refresh displays a nice error message about this isn't possible or incorrect.

Don't fear though I haven't given up all hopes. I will return to this as I really want to get the gallery, especially in a place so that I can show all of you out there the amazing pictures that I've taken over the years. Granted that'll take ages to finish, I've got a lot of ideas in my head how I want to do it but nothing concrete on how to finish it.

I haven't stopped working on web projects though if that's what you were wondering. I've been focusing on a relaunch of my old Minecraft server at the request of a certain player and thus brings with it a new website as well, this one much more simple however I really want to show off the technologies I've learned as well and that's a good place to do so. No authentication, or at least not yet as I just don't see the need for it. You can see the progress so far at and tell me what you think. Design and colors are definitely not final as well as things like function of the menu etc, trust me its a work in progress.


I can't write this post right now and not also mention the health issues I've been encountering since the new year. I don't know if its the weather (which is likely after all because it's Indiana) but I've spent a fair amount of time laid up in bed sick, either common colds or more serious. I almost had an eardrum explode because I simply ignored a common infection and it cost me something very dear to live, the sense of balance or vertigo. Since that infection I've not been back to the same, common things send me tumbling and dizzy and its quite frankly scaring me and freaking me out because I don't know if the things I enjoy in life I'll ever truly be able to do again without that being a problem. Only time shall tell I guess.

I can say however thankfully that I've not been victim to the COVID-19 virus at least, so far at least. I monitor it closely each day because I know my health is risky these days and I pray each day for all the Drs and nurses out there fighting with their life on the line to save all these people from such a crazy virus.


Yes, I have still had time for this. not much but it's been there. My girlfriend has been much more supportive of this lately and thanks to helping her find a similar hobby that she can sit and enjoy it's allowed us to have time together and also work on things more independently of each other and show off our creativity still. The model landing page is a bit broken right now and something I really need to address soon to get that going again so watch out for that at least. I'm not sure what exactly I did to goof it but my guess is its something backend.

That's really all I have for now. I really appreciate those that take the time to read my rants and blogs and know that I'm still alive. For now, stay healthy and stay busy!

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