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Published: 06/24/2019 | Time To Read:1min

Today I'd like to talk a bit more about visual identity and what I'm working on with the site. One of the biggest things that's driven me nuts lately about where I'm going with the direction on the site is visuals, everything to me was starting to look the same and I needed a way to bring some interest and change so that while the overall color theme and styling is the same, there is some individuality of the different sections of the site. An experience tailored to each thing.

One of the ways I'm attempting to do this is bring in angles? See that header and footer on the page? yeah they got skewed! It was more work to implement than I had originally thought but I feel they give a bit more personaility, and fun honestly, gets everything off the 'grid' so to speak. Same with the Models page with the tilted titles that rotate when hovered. Gives a bit of an interaction but also keeps from feeling the same.

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