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Starting Over

Published: 04/19/2019 | Time To Read:2mins

Welcome to the first blog post on my new website!

Why the title though? Well because simply it is humble beginnings. This is now the third or fourth iteration of my website, none of which I have ever been happy with but today, today I feel like I'm going in a great direction. For once I feel a great sense of accomplishment, pride, and overall enthusiasm about my new brand and look.

But wait you might ask! Didn't the old website look exactly like this? Yes, yes it does, with minor tweaks here and there of course to accomodate the new tech being used but otherwise its the same old familiar look. Coming from WordPress and not feeling like I had total control over everything to now with Strapi providing the backend technology and extensive use of Facebooks React and many other awesome tools I for once feel like I'm in charge. Truely in charge at that.

One one hand this new setup is so much more complex, and some day I shall delve into that and how I've gone about building my new website but today I just wanted to basically say hey. So I guess without further adu:


With that out of the way keep on the lookout for many new and exciting features and tech coming soon. I've got a lot in store!


So what are my goals this time around? In no particular order:

  • Learn new technologies
  • Build an awesome front end experience both from performance but also UI/UX
  • Showcase the cool projects I've done over the years in all aspects of programming\n
  • Show off my model building skills (I love this hobby) and other photography
  • Provide a portfolio for potential clients and possibly even recruiters
  • Because I can!

As you browse about keep in mind that nothing is done. I mean I guess some things are, like that sweet nav (go ahead and resize it!) and for the most part the archives, just don't expect pagination yet and I wouldn't be surprised to see the visuals change as well.

For now though, keep coding and enjoy life! Be back soon.

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