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Reviewed - Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-35A

Published: 12/09/2021 | Time To Read:1min

Pre Build Review

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Post Build Review

Building of this kit took me many more hours than the 10 that is showing, this was started after this kit was started so the time isn't accurate so bear that in mind. I really enjoyed this build minus the annoyances that are very well known and typical of Kitty Hawk, color callouts could have been much better but thankfully I had references when need be, even if it was another model haha. Overall fit of the model was very good, sometimes tolerances were too tight and required a bit of sanding work to ease them up to fit better, but nothing a nice sanding stick couldn't fix.

Overall this was a great build. Maybe someday i'll tackle a B variant from Kitty Hawk if I don't find something by another company first, but I love the looks of this and am proud to display this in my room!

To see the final images of the model head over here

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