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Is loading everything on a site necessary?

Published: 09/11/2019 | Time To Read:2mins

The last couple of days I was doing some profiling of pages on my website, seeing where and how I could optimize and cut down on bundles to improve the user experience and noticed something that when I started thinking about it made no sense.

What am I talking about? The privacy policy page was loaded just like any other article on the site using GraphQL, and thus relied on waiting on the network for one thing, but also additional packages being pulled in to load that increasing bundle size.

Let's be honest, how often does a privacy policy change? Once a year maybe. I got to thinking about that and decided the best course of action was to strip it out and make the page truly static, but with a twist. The contents of the page are pulled in via a markdown file, a standard thats well known and used and well frankly works great! It's local so much quicker to load, instant more or less actually, saves network requests and bundle size.

So why did I decide to bring this up? Well it got me to thinking about other places I'm loading data across my site and where and if possible I can undo this. Thankfully everything else truly is dynamic and thus the loading is needed but It's something I need to be mindful of going forward.

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